Parking Lot Puzzle


How to play:  'Parking Lot Puzzle' is also called 'Rush Hour', 'Traffic Jam' and 'Car Jam'. Your aim is to get the red car to the exit at the top. Click on the front or back of a car or truck to push it in the opposite direction. Aim to free the red car in the number of moves given in the 'Target' box. Good luck!

History:  This puzzle was the inspiration of Nobuyuki Yoshigahara (1936-2004) based on the idea behind the Pennant Puzzle, Khun Phaen Puzzle, Daughter in the Box and Red Donkey Puzzles.  The game was issued in the late 1970's in Japan as a commercial product called 'Tokyo Parking Lot'.  When you feel you have mastered these levels you may be ready to try the Ultimate Parking Lot Puzzle.