Magic Buttons Puzzle

How to play  Firstly, no need to click - simply move the mouse pointer onto a button and it will change the colour of another button; when you move the pointer off a button it will change another button. Changes may not appear, depends on the colour of the other buttons to start with. The challenge is to get all of the buttons the same colour. Hint - you'll have to leave the mouse on the last button for the whole puzzle to be one colour.  The puzzle is deceptively difficult to solve; if you really do give up and think it's impossible click here to see a solution below.

Background   The author is very modest about what he calls his Pointless Puzzle. "I was playing around with the JavaScript for highlighting buttons with the onMouseOver command, and I discovered that I didn't have to update the image the mouse actually passed over. This lead me to think it would be fun to make a little puzzle out of it, and that's what you see before you."

Then of course there is Button Mania for a more rewarding experience!